Monday, January 3, 2011

Worth spending life?

Have you seen Sachin playing? The elegance is sublime. How can someone hit 50 centuries, when the second spot not even crossed 30. People say that its hard to be consistent but what if someone worked so hard and practiced on this that its now hard for him to be inconsistent. The shiver which one feels on success is of whether this will continue. An apprehension about our own talent, about our own consistency. But I wonder what is the thought playing in his mind. What is the special ingredient for him? It may be nothing , may be at certain stage you don't need it, may be it doesn't matter at all as someone has excelled so much that he don't have to remember it anymore. It's in his blood now. His whole body is that ingredient now. Does success has a shortcut? or the success via shortcut itself is short? There may be million of cases and situations. Human mind works in number of ways. Mind make situation apt for someone. It may be novel or a repeated case, but mind accept all n satisfy the body for the same. But there must be something to stand against mind. To counter it saying you are not right this time. As at this time my mind is forcing me to leave my chair.

Ones life if filled with so many accidental situations. How to maintain a chain of thought in that. A thought to salvation. I just had an analogy to this situation. A train moving on a smooth track. Suddenly an huge pile of stone fell on the track. Till the time the track is cleaned the Engine Master lost the track of actual path. This transition gave his life another track, the track he earlier didn't thought off. The whole life spent on quest of the best track , when I don't know whats the best one to choose. Is it worth spending life on that?